Social Dining

The heart of Indian cuisine lies at the dinner table; where everybody can sit together and enjoy a home cooked meal with a traditional ambience. Ally’s Kitchen is a place where food lovers come and experience the true atmosphere of Indian dining.

We are able to cater to any special requests or allergies – just send us a message through our contact tab with any questions!

About Ally’s Kitchen

Hi everyone, my name is Ally and I want to tell you about the inspiration behind Ally’s Kitchen.

I was born and raised in the North of England, however my Asian heritage has always played an important role in my life- especially when it comes to food. As a child, many of my evenings were spent with my sisters watching our mother as she would stand in the kitchen and create what looked like magic.

My mother and grandmother grew up in rural villages in Pakistan and India, where they would cook at speed over open fires powered by wood using ingredients and spices grown  in their respective homes. Back in England, I still remember the overwhelming smells and colours of the spices in our kitchen- even today a certain spice can take me back almost 20 years. Having made numerous trips over the past few years to see the true origins of these traditional cooking methods, I myself have become inspired to create magic and share this passion with you!

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